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An effective teacher is a positive role model who leads by example.

Our teachers are always willing to assist students with their learning, social and emotional needs, and are aware of their students’ various learning styles as well as multiple methods of teaching.

An effective teacher has high expectations for each of their students and frequently provides them with constructive feedback about their work.

At our new college, an effective teacher:

  • is passionate about their subject area and stays accountable to their curriculum
  • has extensive knowledge of learning theories
  • provides students with skills to become an independent learner
  • builds positive relationships with students
  • involves students in the learning process (enabling student voice)
  • provides positive, encouraging and constructive feedback to students and colleagues, and is always seeking to improve their own practice and actively seeks feedback for themselves
  • teaches to various learning levels and challenges all students
  • creates a positive and safe learning environment, and has effective behavioural management skills that enable all students to learn
  • utilises appropriate assessment tools to inform teaching and learning, and to allow for differentiation within the classroom
  • has effective communicative skills with students, parents and teachers; frequently communicating student needs, progress and issues.