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We believe it is the right of every student to develop a sense of self-worth through positive and appropriate leadership opportunities.

At our college, student leadership is about involving students in a purposeful and meaningful way to extend and use their individual gifts and talents.

A culture of leadership is encouraged through leadership positions that are structured to allow interested students to experience positions of responsibility and develop effective leadership skills.

Leadership opportunities across the college emphasise service to others, teamwork, taking initiative and developing responsibility.

Leadership opportunities also arise through the co-curricular program including sport and cultural activities, the outdoor education program, the music program, the arts, drama and dance, community service activities as well as election to student leadership roles.

In Year 7, the leadership focus is on responsibility and independence.

In Year 8, the leadership focus is on self-awareness.

In Year 9, the leadership focus on developing resilience and a sense of community.

Students in the senior years have many opportunities to contribute to a range of shared leadership responsibilities with articulated individual and group roles and responsibilities.

Student Leaders for 2021

Schools conducted student leadership elections and selected student leaders to lead the college in 2021.

Congratulations to our new College Captains:

Caitylyn Glasson & Ben Okely - College Captains

Stephanie Fleming & Georgina Waser - Vice College Captains

College Leaders:

Laura O'connor, Ryley Symes, Vicky Burn, Brijesh Kumar, Jay Bryce, Leizal Hawking, Ginat Haroun