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We know the importance of every student having a teacher or senior staff member they meet with regularly and have as a “go-to” person when needed. GSSC provides additional support to benefit students identified as needing extra assistance.

Home Group Teacher

For most students and their families, this will be their key contact person. The support provided by their Home Group Teacher will include:

  • monitoring the student’s wellbeing and engagement through their daily Home Group sessions
  • be a first point of contact for family questions and concerns
  • supporting the student with setting goals
  • celebrating their achievements, including the positive acknowledgements they achieve from other staff
  • Following up on absences.

House Leader

For students with a range of additional needs, their key contact will be their House Leader.

House Leaders are Leading Teachers who are well qualified to provide important, individual assistance to students requiring extra assistance. The students our House Leaders will support include:

  • students funded as part of the Program for Students with Disabilities
  • students with significant learning difficulties, mental health and engagement concerns (including behaviour and attendance challenges)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • students in Out of Home Care.

House Leaders will work with families through Student Support Group meetings. They will lead the development of tailored plans to support a student’s education, behaviour and attendance. They will check in regularly with students in their care, their teachers and work with families to bring in our “Team Around the Learner” school supports and outside agencies.

Assistant Principal

For students requiring the highest level of support, their Key Contact will be a Sub-School Assistant Principal. They will work closely with the student, family and “Team Around the Learner” school supports and outside agencies.

Like House Leaders, they will check in regularly with their students and teachers. They will apply their considerable skill and experience to ensuring student wellbeing and effective engagement in learning.