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Signing up for safe start to school

New parking restrictions and road rules will apply to streets in the precinct of Greater Shepparton Secondary College (GSSC) for Term 1, 2022.  The restrictions were developed by Greater Shepparton City Council in consultation with GSSC, key stakeholders and neighbouring residents to ensure that the local road network caters for an increase in staff and students accessing the site during pick-up and drop-off times. Parents and carers intending to access the site by car are urged to take note of the signage detailed here to safely cater for pedestrians, cyclists and school bus movements around the precinct.

Remember – no stopping zones mean no stopping, that means no picking up or dropping off children in these zones. Transgressors can be fined through photographic evidence.

 traffic management signage 06.01.2022

This map of the GSSC precinct details where these parking restrictions are located:

traffic management map 06.01.2022

More information on traffic management around the GSSC precinct, including the Local Area Traffic Management Plan, can be found on the Greater Shepparton City Council website here.