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GSSC uses a proven framework to deliver an individual, holistic and teams-based approach to support learners to positively engage with their education.  Key people work together as a team, and these teams in turn work together, to meet the needs of the learner.

It’s a whole-of-school approach to supporting our students. Our “Teams Around the Learner” at GSSC include the following dedicated and skilled groups:

Wellbeing Team

Each of GSSC’s three Neighbourhoods has a Wellbeing Team. These staff are referred to when a student may need assistance or attention to help them at school.

We know that students require six key pillars of support for their overall wellbeing and to be well adjusted at school. The loss of one of more of these supports can seriously impact on a student’s ability to learn.

Students require the Material Basics to learn. This isn’t just pens and paper, but wholesome food and sufficient sleep. Students require good Mental and Physical Health to learn. They need to be in a Caring, Safe environment. They need to Participate and feel included and supported in their learning. They need quality teachers and resources to Learn effectively.

Our Wellbeing Teams monitor how all students are travelling and identify anyone encountering any of these high impact barriers to learning. GSSC can then implement its internal and external resources to assist these students.

Careers Team

Each Neighbourhood is supported by a Careers Practitioner who supports students, staff and families to develop career goals and aspirations and explore employment and skill training options.

The Careers Practitioner is backed by a team of skilled teachers, many with trade backgrounds. For students with engagement and participation concerns, this is an important team to consider pathway options and the many opportunities available to them.

Student Support Staff

Our students who are funded as part of our Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) are supported by a Student Support Staff member. This staff member is an important part of the Team Around the Learner.

We have an Inclusive Education Assistant Principal. This person will be responsible for overseeing PSD funding for students and ensuring their teachers and Student Support staff have the resources to deliver the best possible learning opportunities for students with disabilities.

Our students with disabilities are further supported by our Inclusive Industry Engagement Coordinator, to further develop their career aspirations and pathways.

Multicultural Liasion Officers

Our MLO team works across the College to provide support to students and families from a range of multicultural backgrounds.

This support is focused on strengthening connections between the school, families and the diverse communities they are part of, and to breaking down any barriers to engagement and participation. They support with sharing information in a culturally appropriate way, connecting with individual families and supporting participation in Student Support Group meetings and school events.

Koorie Education Team

Each Neighbourhood has access to a team of Koorie Educators who provide support to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and positive role models of respect and understanding for all.

They are key players in working with our Koorie families to support active student participation and strong partnerships with GSSC.

The school is guided by our Cultural Inclusion Steering Committee to provide a culturally safe learning environment and pride in our region’s rich, Indigenous heritage.

“The Hub’

GSSC incorporates one of the oldest school buildings in Shepparton. Now fully renovated and known as “The Hub”, the original Hawdon St schoolhouse has been retained and rebuilt to house our student service teams.

The Hub is designed to host the many allied health and education agencies supporting GSSC and our students. These include the School Nurses and the Doctors in Schools Programs, mental health practitioners and other agencies including The Smith Family, Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project and Geared for Careers.

Effective Partnerships

The College works closely with a range of supports within the Department of Education and Training and will regularly engage their support as part of the Team Around the Learner.

Our Families!

Our Team Around the Learner of course includes our families as the key team member.