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Please see information on our Mobile Phone Policy translated into Arabic, Dari and Swahili:

To provide a safer learning environment free from distractions, Greater Shepparton Secondary College will be ensuring students follow our Mobile Phone Policy in 2024.

The existing policy is simple: mobile phones brought to school must be switched off and stored securely during the school day. This policy has been in place at all government schools since 2020.

Studies from here and overseas clearly show that schools with effective mobile phone bans have improved student achievement and calmer learning environments.  

We need your help to make these same gains at GSSC. We are asking parents and carers to:

  • Reinforce our policy. Make sure your child knows that mobile phones are to be switched off and stored throughout the school day. Make sure they understand it is reasonable and expected for staff to enforce this rule.
  • Reconsider taking a mobile phone to school. With very rare exceptions, your children do not need a mobile phone during school hours.

Exceptions include requiring a mobile device to manage a medical condition or where teachers have granted a classroom-based learning exception. Other exceptions, such as a school excursion, are determined by school leadership.

We know this can lead to difficult conversations with your child – many of our staff are parents too!

We also know this: GSSC will be a better place to socialise and learn without the anxiety and intrusion of mobile phone use – and that means switching off, storing or leaving at home.

Please refer to the attached Frequently Asked Questions for further information on the importance of our mobile phone policy. The Useful Links attachment provides information in different languages on the importance of keeping mobile phones out of the classroom.

Always remember, in emergencies parents can contact their children via reception on 5891 2000.

Thank you for helping us switch off, so our students can switch on at school.

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