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GSSC uses a multi-tiered system of to ensure every student receives the appropriate level of support to be successful at school. Our system is evidence-based and proven to be effective. The Team Around the Learner uses a range of data to determine the level of support and the specific interventions that a student may need. The diagram below illustrates the levels of support.

Tier 1 Supports – All Students

A number of Wellbeing and Inclusion Supports are provided for all students, including:

  • the use of School Wide Positive Behaviour supports to teach and encourage expected behaviours
  • a social-emotional curriculum that incorporates Respectful Relationships, cultural inclusion and diversity
  • celebrations of student attendance and engagement
  • careers and pathways education and activities for all students.

Tier 2 Supports – Targeted Groups

In addition to Tier 1 supports, we know some student groups benefit from additional Tier 2 supports. These include students with a language background other than English, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and students with additional needs and learning difficulties.

Cultural supports in place at GSSC in 2022 are extensive. These include Team Around the Learner staff who make up our Koorie Educators, Multicultural Community Liaison Officers and the community leaders providing guidance to GSSC through the Cultural Inclusion Steering Committee and Shepparton’s Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (LAECG).

The school design also reflects our diverse student population in landscaping, artwork, culturally safe spaces and prayer rooms. In addition, our curriculum is strengthened through the Kaiela Dhungala First Peoples Curriculum and the Know Your Roots program.

GSSC staff will use its intervention staff and programs with Tier 2 students depending on need. These include:

  • targeted wellbeing interventions to improve social skills and empower the student
  • targeted learning interventions, including tutoring and other initiatives
  • pathway interventions to help students at risk of disengaging from education, including Geared 4 Careers, Diversability and Project Ready programs.

A range of proven, effective community programs and services will be made available to Tier 2 students who would benefit.

These include: Step Up Group (Bridge Youth Service); I CAN program (autism support); Seasons for Growth (Catholic Care); Youth Pathways (Primary Care Connect); Australian Muslim Women empowerment program; Uniting Care diversity program; Friends for Life (resilience program); headspace.

Tier 3 Supports – Individual Students

A small number of our students will require a high level of support throughout or for part of their secondary schooling. These students are targeted for intensive and individual help in learning, behaviour, attendance and engagement.

Again, they have the benefit of all Tier 1 and 2 supports and opportunities, in addition to:

  • regular Student Support Group meetings for the student, family and Team members
  • personalised planning, including Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Behaviour Support Plans (BSPs) and Attendance Improvement Plans (as needed).

Program for Students with Disabilities support is provided as required, including: in-class support from a Student Support team member; assistance from the Inclusive Industry Engagement program; additional supports based on individual needs. These will have oversight from GSSC’s Inclusive Education Assistant Principal.

GSSC in 2022 enjoys additional wellbeing and inclusion resources and the benefit of “The Hub” to house these internal and external staff and services.

The latter includes School Nurses, Doctors in Schools, mental health practitioners and extensive referral services to the Department of Family, Fairness and Housing (DFFH), the Orange Door and other family services.