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There are two bus programs utilised by Greater Shepparton Secondary College to transport students to and from school. Please determine whether your child/ren is a School Bus Program traveller or a Public Transport traveller by checking the bus routes listed below Note: these bus routes refer to public transport travel.

School Bus Program

The School Bus Program is an extensive bus network that provides travel to eligible government and non-government students living in rural and regional Victoria. Other students can still use the program but it is dependent on available space, application approval and payment of a fee if applicable. Government secondary students in Shepparton who currently access the School Bus Program, along with those new to the program, for whom Greater Shepparton Secondary College is their nearest government school, will continue to have access to free travel on school bus services in 2023.

Approved travellers will be allocated a bus (and transfer bus/es if required) and students are only permitted to travel on their allocated bus/es. Travel may be denied if attempting to travel on an incorrect bus and parents will then be responsible for the transport of the student to or from school.

Students are required to abide by the Conditions of Travel set out in the application form and failure to observe these conditions may result in travel being cancelled or suspended (this can be applied indefinitely).

School Bus Program travellers are counted on and off the bus by the driver and therefore not required to carry a bus pass. However, some operators may issue their own bus passes for students to carry and show the driver when boarding. The School Bus Coordinator does not provide bus passes for this program. Students who currently use this program do not need to reapply in 2023.

Public Transport

The Conveyance Allowance Program provides travel assistance to eligible government and non-government students to assist with the cost of travel to school throughout rural and regional Victoria. Government secondary students who travel on public transport to Greater Shepparton Secondary College may have the cost of their public transport ticket covered by the Conveyance Allowance Program in 2023 (subject to approval, terms and conditions).

Please note that bus routes are set by The Department of Transport Victoria and cannot be altered. Your closest stop may still be up to 1.5km from your home address.

A Bus Pass will be issued by either Dysons or Jacobson’s Bus Company to approved travellers.

Replacement Bus Passes can be obtained by contacting the appropriate company directly and paying the replacement fee. The replacement fee is set by the Bus Company.
Travellers who are not approved for Conveyance Allowance can still access the public transport buses and pay a fare each way.

How do I Apply?

Attached below are the links to two application forms, Permission to Travel Form 1; and Conveyance Allowance Form 3, both of which need to be completed, signed and returned.

Permission to Travel Form 1:
Conveyance Allowance Form 3

If you require bus transport for your child, both of the completed application forms must be submitted along with a printed map from google maps showing the distance from your home to Greater Shepparton Secondary College at 31-71 Hawdon Street Shepparton

Bus travel in 2024

Free public transport travel will be extended for a further year to accommodate Year 7 students starting with Greater Shepparton Secondary College in 2024.

Existing GSSC students will continue free public transport travel for their entire GSSC enrolment.

Incoming students with a brother or sister at GSSC, will receive free public transport travel while older siblings are at school.

More information: Phone (03) 5891 2024 or see GSSC Transport in 2024


Jacobson Bus Lines
Mooroopna Passenger Service Pty Ltd; Nosboc Nominees Pty Ltd; John Grieve Nominees Pty. Ltd; 
Fred Hall Bus Lines Pty. Ltd & Adderley Holdings Pty. Ltd
pdf Bus Service Letter to Parents (106 KB)
pdf Bus Lines Code of Conduct  (145 KB)
pdf Child Safety & Wellbeing policy (232 KB)

Fords Bus Service Pty Ltd
pdf Fords Parents Signed Letter (477 KB)
pdf Fords Child Safe Standards (385 KB)
pdf Fords Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy (233 KB)
pdf Fords Code of Conduct 2022 (141 KB)

Bus routes and timetables for public transport:

pdf Mooroopna A  (84 KB)

pdf Mooroopna B  (86 KB)

pdf Mooroopna C  (90 KB)

pdf Mooroopna D  (79 KB)

pdf Mooroopna E (79 KB) '

pdf Kingfisher F  (174 KB)

pdf Grammar Park G (178 KB)

pdf Archer Road H (46 KB)

pdf Guthrie Street H2 (116 KB)

pdf Dobson Road I (87 KB)

pdf Canterbury Avenue J (149 KB)

pdf Lemnos K (47 KB)

pdf Melbourne Road  L (92 KB)

pdf Orrvale Road  M (89 KB)   

pdf Raftery Road N (93 KB)

pdf S 4   O
(90 KB)

pdf Wanganui P (220 KB)

pdf Kialla   Q  (90 KB)

pdf Taylors Estate  R  (91 KB)

pdf Poplar Avenue   S (94 KB)

pdf Colliver Road S2 (130 KB)

pdf Gordon Drive T  (43 KB)  

pdf Seven Creeks  U  (93 KB)

pdf Mooroopna V 2022 (87 KB)

pdf Trinity Drive  W (85 KB)

pdf Mooroopna X  (82 KB)

pdf Sanctuary Drive Y  (88 KB)

pdf Mooroopna Z   (87 KB)