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The Australian Ballet will partner with Greater Shepparton Secondary College this year

The Australian Ballet will partner with Greater Shepparton Secondary College in 2020 to deliver workshops, student performances and special tours to Melbourne productions.

The partnership, supported by the Sir Andrew and Fairley Foundation, marks the fifth year The Australian Ballet has delivered professional mentoring and creative opportunities to Shepparton secondary students.

Since 2016 the partnership has resulted in more than 800 children taking part in the ballet company’s In School Program, which culminates in a performance at Riverlinks Venues, among other benefits.

Hundreds more students are set to take part with a three-year La Trobe University research project to measure the arts program’s success – guaranteeing the partnership will continue until at least 2022.

“The Australian Ballet’s education programs aim to improve outcomes and the overall wellbeing of students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds,” Fairley Foundation Executive Officer Amanda McCulloch said.

“This aligns strongly with the Fairley Foundation’s goals of having fewer students disengaged from school and supporting a thriving arts community in Greater Shepparton.”

Key features of the 2020 partnership include:

  • In school classes in the weeks of April 20 and 27th for 200 students from Years 7 and above;
  • Students to present an April 30 performance courtesy venue partner Riverlinks Venues and Greater Shepparton City Council. They will experience a new piece created by Ella Havelka, the first Indigenous dancer in The Australian Ballet;
  • Thirty students to attend a performance of the Australian Ballet in Melbourne;
  • A remote leaders’ mentoring program, to help staff, senior students and community leaders use The Australian Ballet’s digital education resources.

“We’re grateful to The Australian Ballet, the Fairley Foundation and Riverlinks Venues for committing to this valuable partnership for years to come,” Greater Shepparton Secondary School Executive Principal Genevieve Simson said.

“This is a watershed year for the College and the partnership will help forge ties among our students and teachers through dance and artistic learning.”

Katy McKeown, Head of Education at The Australian Ballet said the free program was delivered courtesy of generous donors and partners.

“We hope to continue to inspire young people across Australia to explore the joy of movement and the educational benefits that one gains through dance,” she said.

The Australian Ballet has been inspiring and delighting audiences across the country and overseas for almost 60 years. The Fairley Foundation has served Greater Shepparton for almost as long with a bequest set up by founder and philanthropist Sir Andrew Fairley in 1965.


When will I receive information about arrangements for the start of 2020?

Greater Shepparton Secondary College (GSSC) students received a welcome letter from the Executive Principal this week (commencing 20 January). The letter contains each student’s house allocation, learning mentor allocation, and information on start dates. If you have not received your letter by Friday the 24th of January, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where do I get booklist information?

Students were provided with booklist information in Term 4, 2019. Please refer to the Student Booklists page on the GSSC website here for itemised lists. If you have not received your booklist or have any further queries around these, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How will my child get to school? What are the transport options?

All GSSC students will receive free travel during the transition phase which starts this year. If you would like your child to travel on a bus, there are two options available depending on your location. Both options require the completion of an application form for individual students:

  • The School Bus Program is for students who live outside of the Shepparton and Mooroopna townships, and who travel into town for school. Students who applied for travel using the School Bus Program were sent a letter with their bus allocation and travel details in Term 4, 2019. For assistance with the School Bus Program, contact Melissa Kemp on 5891 2076.
  • Students who live in Shepparton and Mooroopna can access the School Town Special buses to travel to and from their school campus. To plan your journey, please visit the Transport and Bus routes page here.

When will my child get their Shepparton Transit Pass?

Students who have applied for the Conveyance Allowance program, to use the School Town Special buses, will be issued a Shepparton Transit Pass. Students can pick up their Shepparton Transit Pass from their allocated 2020 GSSC campus from 21 January 2020, until school opens (noting Monday 27 January is a public holiday).

Alternatively, students can collect their Shepparton Transit Pass at their GSSC campus when they start their first week of school. Bus operators will allow students a one-week only grace period to allow for collection of their Shepparton Transit Pass.

Does my child need a Shepparton Transit Pass if they use the School Bus Program?

Students using the School Bus Program will be issued with a School Bus Program Pass in the first weeks of Term 1. Students on the School Bus Program should have already received information with their bus allocation and travel details in December 2019.

What bus services does GSSC look after?

GSSC manages the School Bus Program and for this reason it is important that students use the bus service allocated to them, as they are recorded on the bus service as an approved traveller.

When do classes start in 2020?

GSSC students will return to school during the last week of January. There are different start dates for year levels and campuses. Please visit the Back to School Dates 2020 page here for specific year levels and campus return-to-school dates.

What time does school start?

School will begin at 8:52 am each day at all campuses.

What time does school end?

School will finish at 3:15 pm each day at all campuses.

How will I receive updates as a parent?

In 2020 GSSC’s formal communication with parents and carers will be via a system called Compass. Instructions on how to access the system, including login details, will be provided to families early in Term 1, regarding access to Compass. Attendance notifications, student alerts, homework instructions, student reports and a calendar of events will all be communicated via Compass. The school will publish a fortnightly e-newsletter through Compass as well. We encourage you to check the Greater Shepparton Secondary College website for further information

When will the breakfast program be available?

The Schools Breakfast Program will be available to GSSC students mid Term 1 providing a range of healthy breakfast items every morning for any student wanting to participate. GSSC will notify students, parents, carers and families when the School Breakfast Program is up and running.

How will the breakfast program work at the school?

The school will shortly appoint a coordinator to roll-out the program across the three campuses. The coordinator will work with each campus in communicating times the breakfast program will be available for students, which will be before school starts at 8.52 am.

What will day one look like?

On the first day of Term 1, Year 7 and 12 students at McGuire Campus, should attend the School Gym at 8:52am on Thursday 30 January 2020 for a welcome assembly.

Year 8, 10 and 11 students at McGuire Campus, should attend the School Gym at 8:52am on Friday 31 January 2020 for a welcome assembly.

Year 9 students at Mooroopna Campus, should attend the Westside Performing Arts Centre (immediate left from the Mooroopna Campus administration area) at 8.52am on Thursday 30th January. We ask students to check their name against the form list displayed at the front of the Centre. Students will be seated in their form rows.

Year 8 students at Wanganui Campus, should attend the Visy Centre at 8.52am on Thursday 30 January.

Year 12 students at Wanganui Campus, should attend their Learning Mentor homerooms as outlined in their welcome letter at 8.52am on Thursday 30 January.

Year 10 and 11 students at Wanganui Campus, should attend their Learning Mentor homerooms as outlined in their welcome letter at 8.52am on Friday 31 January.

From there, students will:

  • Meet their learning mentor, and provided with information about their House and Neighbourhood
  • Be introduced to their timetable
  • Be allocated their locker
  • Receive an orientation to the school
  • Hear about the Positive Behaviour Support System that will be utilised at the College
  • Learn about their Student Binders (Year 7) and student planners (other year levels)

Students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch at canteens at each of the campuses.

What if my child is struggling on day one? How will they get support?

Starting school or going to a new campus can be a difficult time for some students, so support is available. All students will be spending time with their learning mentors and will have opportunities to gain additional support if required. Each campus also has house leaders and neighbourhood leaders to provide additional support to students, and our wellbeing team is also available to connect with students if required. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing, please get in touch with their learning mentor.

What if my child wants to change their house allocation?

To request a change of house allocation, GSSC students should first talk to their learning mentor for support before meeting with their House Leader to talk through options.

I wasn't able to purchase a uniform item for my child before day one. What are my options?

The uniform shops have a shortage in some uniforms. GSSC is working closely with suppliers to get those sizes back in stock and will have more updates on timeframes for students, parents and carers shortly.

For those students still waiting for some uniform items, if they have their PE uniform, they are able to wear that. Other items that are as similar as possible to the uniform, such as a white shirt (no logo), dark pants, shorts or skirt can also be worn.