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Lab Techs - we couldn't do without them!

It is fitting that Science Technician Recognition Appreciation Week just so happens to shorten to ‘STAR’ Week – because stars are exactly what our GSSC Laboratory Technicians are.

The group of three, led by Laboratory Manager, Kath Hocking, work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the College’s science department. On a day-to-day basis, the Lab Techs assist to turn ideas for science experiments into engaging and hands-on practical (pracs) lessons for our students. From researching ideas to bring the vision to life, to sourcing equipment, managing materials and chemicals to testing and set-up, the team is involved from beginning to end. Kath said what she enjoyed most about the role was the diversity.

“It is a fun job, no two days are really the same,” she said. “I love that you’re really able to explore your creative side. When teachers come to you with an idea for a prac, sometimes you really have to think outside of the box to bring their idea to life within the constraints of budget, or access to materials or equipment – also considering legislation and what we can and can’t do, we also need to be right across that.” “Other times, you test your prac and it might not go as planned so you take a different path. There’s really a lot of diversity in the role.”

The team, including Leanne Newey and Joanna Gall all come from different backgrounds with a Certificate IV and Diploma in Laboratory Techniques and a Science Degree in Pathology to add to the mix. “Although the formal qualifications are going to go a long way to assisting you in the role and understanding the scientific process and lab techniques, I think it’s also about the qualities you can bring to the role,” Kath said. “I would say a Lab Technician needs to have great organisation skills, creativity, or an ability to problem solve and good communication skills.”

Kath added that Lab Techs should also be prepared to get their hands dirty. Setting up pracs varied from chemical experiments and reaction times, to exploring the DNA process, right through to heart dissections and even using Mars Bars to simulate the Earth’s tectonic plate boundaries! “As a team, the delivery of our work is important for us as there is a flow on effect for all of our students and how they learn and engage in Science classes, particularly for our senior students who are assessed against some of these pracs,” Kath said.

In addition to this, the team is responsible for storage and safe disposal of chemicals, the stocktake and maintenance of materials and equipment, repairs, and set-up and clean-up in classrooms.
The Lab Tech team supports the department deliver anywhere up to 80 science pracs a week.


We are pleased to introduce our Student Leadership Group for 2023. These students make up our College Captains and House Captains. We have two College Captains per neighbourhood and two House Captains per house – with three houses situated within each of our three neighbourhoods. Executive Principal Barbara O’Brien announced the student leaders to the college during home group earlier this week and said she is looking forward to working with the college and house captains to capture student voice and build a culture of leadership.

“Leadership opportunities across the college emphasise service to others, teamwork, taking initiative and developing responsibility,” she said.
“Our College and House Captains are so important to building a sense of community here at GSSC and to achieving our mission to nurture a student-centred culture and promote student leadership, voice and agency.”

Mrs O’Brien said the captains would represent the College at various events and activities throughout the 2023 school year, with their first official duties to begin today as part of Remembrance Day. A number of our College and House Captains are attending wreath laying events at the Shepparton and Mooroopna cenotaphs and doing a reading, alongside our 2022 Captains.

Two of our 2023 House Captains also interviewed a local Vietnam Veteran, Mr Brian McInney, about his time in service and the significance of Remembrance Day.
This video will be played to our students following the Remembrance Day minute silence on Friday 11 November.

To read more about our 2023 Student Leaders and what they hope to achieve in their roles, click here:  2023 student leadership