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Our new logo and valuesGSSCLogo

On Thursday 7 November 2019, the Minister for Education announced Greater Shepparton Secondary College as the official name for the new secondary school in Greater Shepparton.

The new school name was chosen following community consultation.

The new school logo represents the four secondary schools coming together to create an inclusive, nurturing and future-focused environment, out of which emerges a confident and happy student with a world of opportunities in front of them.

It also represents the new set of values for Greater Shepparton Secondary College: Aspiration, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility


Our new uniform

From Term 1 2020, all students at Greater Shepparton Secondary College will wear a new uniform to build their pride in the new school’s identity.

Students can wear summer, winter or a combination of both uniforms throughout the school year. In addition, Year 12 students can choose a bomber jacket and polo top.

The uniform was designed for all our students, and includes a hijab and long skirt options.

A committee of students and parents helped shape the new uniform design, which is formed by a colour palette of teal, charcoal and white, with orange highlights.

Families are being supported with the purchase of new uniforms, with a $200 voucher for each student.

For an artist's impression of the new school uniform, see: Greater Shepparton Secondary College logo and uniform

For more information, see: Uniforms and uniform packages

Are you a Koorie parent or carer? Do you have a child who will going to the college?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, would you like to be involved in the Shepparton Education Plan - Koorie Engagement Group?

We are looking for another Koorie parent representative to be involved in this group.

The role of the Koorie Engagement Group is to:

  • engage with the Koorie community regarding the Shepparton Education Plan
  • to provide advice to the Department of Education and Training for consideration to support effective decision making as part of the Shepparton Education Plan
  • to provide a forum for Koorie Engagement Group members to raise concerns regarding the project, and crontribute to resolution of issues
  • advice regarding curriculum within the secondary school
  • provide advice around Koorie support services and student wellbeing within the new secondary school
  • provide input into the design of the new secondary school

If you would be interested, please contact: Jaqueline Martyn, Acting Koorie Education Manager by phone on 0455 052 686 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.