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Dear family and friends of GSSC,

It is hard to believe we have reached the end of what has been an historic and amazing first term of 2022. The weeks have flown by since we first welcomed our staff and students in coming together at their new Greater Shepparton Secondary College.

It seems only yesterday that we were raising the flags for the first time at our school entrance and then, on the next school day, commencing classes in brand-new learning and recreation spaces. At the start of Term 1, these classrooms were almost as new to our staff as they were to our students, with COVID-19 preventing as much preparation as we would have liked.

That said, the last time a new secondary school was opened in Greater Shepparton was in 1972 - and 50 years of progress has certainly made an incredible difference in what we can now deliver in teaching and learning! Our new college facilities have surpassed the expectations of so many – they are genuinely exciting, impressive and custom-designed to match modern teaching methods and best practice.

The new classrooms and features of GSSC also shows our students that they are very much valued as individuals and their education really matters as they progress through secondary school. This has always been the case, but it’s now been backed by unprecedented investment as we’ve replaced some very old facilities with new.

Of course, there were many unknowns and unexpected challenges to successfully bring our Mooroopna, McGuire and Wanganui staff and students of 2021 together in 2022. These extended to student transport, local traffic and class timetables, down to the little details – like where and in what building you might find room, say, E1.07?

Well, we’ve managed to make these things work. And if you asked most students where E1.07 is today, they would say something like, “Sure, that’s the dance studio found on Level 1 of the Bayuna Neighbourhood, just next to the careers hub and IT help desk…”

Like young people take to new technology, our students have shown how adaptable they are to change. They know their own “House” – the schoolmates they will be close to throughout secondary school, as well as their wider Neighbourhood. They are also familiar with the Enterprise and Innovation Centre – and if they aren’t using these facilities yet, I expect they will be looking forward to doing so next term or in their years ahead as they work out pathways to a career or higher education.

Meanwhile in recess, lunch and PE classes, our outdoor hardcourts, double gymnasium and footy oval are getting a daily workout. Our Year 12s love their roof-top garden area and kitchen facilities, reflecting their status as the young, responsible adults they are.

May I now convey my great thanks to you – our families and school community. The road to GSSC has been rapid, controversial and certainly not easy going during the two-year transition for any of us. Since our new college was founded in 2020 as a fundamental step to improving educational outcomes in Greater Shepparton, we appreciate our schools, staff, students and families have had to manage major change and challenges.

Despite successfully coming together at our Hawdon St campus, some of these challenges continue. The impact of COVID-19 and a state-wide shortage of teachers and relief staff has meant a return to remote learning for some year levels on some days. Thankfully, our new school has attracted many enthusiastic graduates and experienced teachers and we expect this to continue as the impact of the pandemic eases.

Transformational change means we also have some in our community yet to embrace our new school and there are those who may never do so.

I would only wish to convey that we have had a hugely positive start to the school year and this is reflected in fact – we have had fewer incident reports of poor student behaviour than past years. We are also enjoying the positive “vibe” that emanates each day across the campus.

Indeed, I believe the opinions of our students are among the most positive outcomes for GSSC in Term 1 and into the future. I know they overwhelmingly appreciate their new secondary college and the facilities and opportunities on offer.

We are grateful that one of our greatest outcomes of coming together has been our ability to celebrate our cultural diversity and Indigenous heritage. This reached a peak during Harmony Week in March. Through partnerships with the ABC and many other organisations, which will become more evident in Term 2, we expect these celebrations to take on state and national significance.

As we progress into Term 2, we are pleased to report the time of major change is over for our families. Our challenge now is taking our new school facilities to the next level and delivering the very best secondary education outcomes we can deliver (along with full canteen facilities!).

We are committed to doing just that. As welcome as full canteen facilities may be, our real mission is to provide your children with the very best education we can and the life opportunities that delivers.

I hope our school community will indulge me as I now pay tribute to my staff.

Our hard-working administration team, Careers Team, our Wellbeing Team, our Koorie and multicultural educators and the many allied health, welfare and work specialists at GSSC have shown their absolute commitment to care, support and guidance to our students. Their amazing work continues and has been given a huge boost by now being based on-site at “The Hub” - the original Shepparton High schoolhouse refurbished for this purpose.

My leadership team represents incredible insight of our community, incredible knowledge and teaching experience and incredible support to me.

Our classroom teachers are at the coalface of what we are achieving at GSSC. My greatest thanks go to them as they have gone above and beyond in supervision and putting their collective hands up to volunteer extra time and effort to help our students settle in.

Their ability to educate and inspire our young people, to initiate new ideas and opportunities for learning and to adapt and show leadership in the face of their own career challenges and change has been simply awesome.

Right now, I am recommending they all enjoy a well-deserved term break. To our students and families, stay safe, stay well and we look forward to continuing your excellent start to the school year and offering all the opportunities your new school provides in Term 2!


Barbara O’Brien

Executive Principal

We are pleased to introduce our School Council Members for 2022. We are very fortunate to have a very diverse and skilled membership who are keen to guide our school expertly throughout 2022. Our School Council President for 2022 is Tanya McKenzie-Sleeth, our Vice President is Nathan Hanns and our Treasurer is Simone Gale. Please see attached for all appointed members.

pdf 2022 School Council Members (114 KB)