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Our Environmental Leaders have successfully introduced the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) to GSSC this term in an effort to increase recycling, reduce litter and clean up the school environment.

Each week, the leaders join with students from our Italian classes, to sort rubbish and collect containers eligible for a 10 cent refund. The students work with our facilities team to see these containers delivered to a refund point and so far, the students have collected and returned more than 2,455 containers!

At 10 cents per container, this has resulted in more than $245.50 being raised, which will be put towards a trip to Italy later this year. This will be attended by some of our Environmental Leaders, as well as our Italian students.

Year 9 Environmental Leader Vincent Vesty said the introduction of the CDS at GSSC had been positive and next term the students were hoping to take it to the next level.
“We’d really like to raise some more money to go towards the Italy trip and some additional funds for other school projects, such as more outdoor seating around the grounds,” Vincent said.
“As well as this, we’d like to raise some more awareness with the students, to help them identify what can go in each bin and how to know if your can, bottle or container is eligible for the CDS purple bins and a 10 cent refund.”

Maddie Ryan, who is also in Year 9 is in her third Year as an Environmental Leader and said further education is key to ensuring the success of student-led initiatives such as the CDS.

“The leaders have also implemented other projects, such as a rubbish pick-up system where every Wednesday during Session 5, a class is assigned to a rubbish collection around the school grounds,” Maddie said.
“One of our leaders has also been putting together fact sheets on important topics, such as coral bleaching and everything you need to know about insects that our students can pick up from one of our neighbourhood house receptions.”

Joined by Maddie Beare in Year 9, Shaniqua Arvaji in Year 10 and Aspen Richardson in Year 12, the Environmental Leaders recently presented to the College’s Senior Leadership Team on a Trash Transformation proposal, which will see designated eating areas in place at GSSC.

This initiative aims to address high litter areas around the campus by assigning students places to eat in the vicinity of tables and seating, as well as bins. These will be well-signed and students will be encouraged to eat in these areas, before moving off to the oval, basketball courts or other areas to enjoy a game of sport or activity over recess and lunch. It is hoped the Trash Transformation project will be rolled out during Term 3.

GSSC would like to thank staff who are making a contribution to our CDS fundraising efforts and invite any of our families and community members to donate to our cause. When attending a CDS refund point, you can use the below barcode to donate your refund to GSSC. Our Environmental Leaders and Italian students will be very grateful for your donation.

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