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Recently Year 10 student, Hamish Cartwright engaged with Greater Shepparton City Council for a work experience opportunity. 

GSSC Partnerships Manager Lisa Kerr caught up with Hamish about his stint at council and here's a summary of his key takeaways and experiences:

Scope of council operations: Hamish was surprised by the size of the Council offices and the diverse range of careers available. The tour of different areas gave him a broader perspective on the various jobs within the council, beyond what he initially knew.

Insight into legal processes: With his interest in legal processes, Hamish gained valuable insight into how these processes are applied within a workforce setting at the council.

Exploration of career possibilities: Although Hamish is still figuring out his career path after school, his experience at council expanded his understanding of the wide array of possibilities available. He noted that council work involves more than just policies and governance, including roles in events management, planning, and more.

Favourite experiences: Hamish particularly enjoyed sitting in on council briefings and spending a day with Mayor Shane Sali, which included attending events and gaining behind-the-scenes insights into council operations.

The Greater Shepparton City Council and Mayor Shane Sali are commended for providing such a valuable opportunity to Hamish. This experience not only broadened his horizons but also contributed significantly to his career exploration and understanding of local governance and operations.

Hamish Cartwright

Hamish, pictured here alongside GSSC Dharnya Neighbourhood Principal Kirsten Tozer and Mayor Shane Sali.