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For new students to GSSC, or students seeking to use transport services in future, please Plan Your Journey by following Steps 1 and 2.

All GSSC students continue to receive free travel during the transition to the new, single-campus college.

Planning Your Journey - Step 1

Every primary school and the GSSC campuses of McGuire, Mooroopna and Wanganui Park are served by one or more School Bus Services, or routes.

Visit our pdf Guide to School Bus Services (29 KB) to find the School Bus Service(s) corresponding to your school. For example, students going to the GSSC Mooroopna Campus will access bus services A, B, C, D or E, depending on where they live.

Planning Your Journey - Step 2

When you have identified the bus service(s) corresponding to your school, review the relevant timetable(s) to find the most convenient service stop to where you live.

pdf Mooroopna - A (63 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - B (63 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C (64 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C1 (66 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C2 (61 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C2a (60 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C3 (61 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - C5 (62 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - D (63 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - E (67 KB)

pdf Kingfisher - F (67 KB)

pdf Grammar Park - G (69 KB)

pdf Archer St - H (76 KB)

pdf Dobson - I (63 KB)

pdf Canterbury Ave - J (70 KB)

pdf Lemnos - K (67 KB)

pdf Melbourne Rd - L (69 KB)

pdf Orrvale - M (67 KB)

pdf Raftery Rd - N (69 KB)

pdf S4 - O (69 KB)

pdf Wanganui - P (72 KB)

pdf Kialla - Q (64 KB)

pdf Taylors Estate - R (69 KB)

pdf Poplar - S (72 KB)

pdf Gordon Dve - T (66 KB)

pdf Seven Creeks - U (71 KB)

pdf Mooroopna - V (63 KB)  

pdf Grammar Park - W (93 KB)

NOTE: the Express Grammar Park to McGuire Campus service put in place last year will continue to operate in Term 2, with buses picking up five minutes earlier in the morning and dropping off five minutes later in the afternoon.

Are you “in town” or “out of town”?

Different transport arrangements apply if you live “in town”, in Shepparton or Mooroopna, or if you live on a country property “out of town”.

Out of town - School Bus Program

The School Bus Program is a school bus network used in country Victoria.

Locally, the School Bus Program is used by students who live outside of the Shepparton and Mooroopna townships, and who travel into town for school.

For assistance with the School Bus Program, contact Shepparton District School Bus Program Co-ordinator Melissa Kemp on 5858 2344.

In town - School Town Specials

Students who live in Shepparton and Mooroopna can access the School Town Special buses to travel to and from their school campus in 2020.

The Department of Transport has provided the School Town Special bus timetables listed on this page for Greater Shepparton:

If further information is required in relation to the Public Transport network, please contact the following local bus service operators:

  • Dysons Bus Service (Shepparton) on 5831 2150
  • Jacobsons Bus Service (Mooroopna) on 5820 3700

Alternatively, families can contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007.

Shepparton Transit Pass

Students who have applied for the Conveyance Allowance program are issued with a Shepparton Transit Pass.

This is a bus ticket provided to eligible students at no charge. It allows free travel within the Greater Shepparton public transport network (including School Town Special buses).

Applications for a Shepparton Transit Pass can be made through your GSSC Campus.

More information

Understanding the School Bus Program

The School Bus Program is an extensive school bus network that provides travel to eligible government and non-government students living in rural and regional Victoria.

From 2020, government secondary students in Shepparton who currently access the School Bus Program, along with those new to the program, will have access to free travel on school bus services during the transition period to a single site.

For more information about this program, read the School bus program for rural and regional Victoria

Understanding the Conveyance Allowance Program

The Conveyance Allowance Program provides travel assistance in the form of an allowance for eligible government and non-government students to assist with the cost of travel to school throughout rural and regional Victoria.

Government secondary students who travel on public transport to their campus of the Greater Shepparton Secondary College will have the cost of their public transport ticket covered by the Conveyance Allowance Program.

For more information about the program and eligibility, see: Financial help with student transport (conveyance allowance)


Contact Shepparton District School Bus Program Co-ordinator Melissa Kemp on 5891 2076 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.