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The House model is best described as a school-within-a-school, with a focus on catering for individual students.

The House model makes it easier for students to get to know one another and for teachers and support staff to build relationships with students and their families.

This model is different to school houses of the past which were used for competitions, such as sporting events. At our college, a house is a student’s home base for their entire schooling.

Students will attend classes in their allocated house, to create a sense of belonging within the larger school. Students in Year 7 and 8 will attend most classes with the students in their House Groups.

As students move into Year 9 and the senior years they will still begin each day in their Learning Mentor group within the house, but will begin to attend classes with students from other houses.

The House model will be implemented in 2020 across the three school campuses, where:

  • approximately 50 students from each year level will be allocated to a house
  • students will begin each day in this house.

Teachers will be assigned to each house, with their Learning Mentor group being within their house.

This model is designed to better support students throughout their time at the school campus, while providing students with more stability in what will be a larger school environment.

The House model will ensure a constant focus on student wellbeing, with a Learning Mentor appointed for each student to ensure consistency for learning and wellbeing discussions across each student’s time at the school.

All regular classes will remain with approximately 25 students.

The House model is based on a similar model used at Dandenong High School. You can listen to the feedback from parents, students and teachers about the model in action below.