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Executive principal

Ms Genevieve Simson

Executive Principal Genevieve Simson previously taught at Mooroopna Secondary College and McGuire College. Most recently, she spent nine years as principal of Victoria University Secondary College, which was created by a merger of three schools.

Genevieve’s leadership experience at Victoria University Secondary College inspired her to lead the new College in Shepparton. She witnessed improved student outcomes at Victoria University Secondary College and strongly believes the new College will offer huge benefits for students and teachers. She also acknowledges a need to adjust teaching and wellbeing supports to meet Shepparton’s community needs. Meet Genevieve in the video below.

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Campus and assistant principals

Mr John Sciacca (Campus principal, McGuire Campus)

As the Nathalia Secondary College principal for nine years and with previous experience teaching in Greater Shepparton secondary schools, Mr Sciacca brings a focus on improved student pathways through enhanced literacy and numeracy skills, and strong community engagement skills.

Mr Stephen Bolton (Campus principal, Mooroopna Campus)

Current principal of Mooroopna Secondary College, Mr Bolton will play a leading role in the implementation of specialist curriculum for Year 9 students next year, focusing on inquiry-based and experiential learning, student resilience, sense of community, and career planning.

Mr Ken Murray (Campus principal, Wanganui Park Campus)

Current principal of Wanganui Park Secondary College, Mr Murray will continue to bring his leadership and extensive knowledge of the Greater Shepparton community, and will play a key role in the development of the new college’s student health and wellbeing approach.

Ms Megan Michalaidis (Assistant principal, Teaching and Learning)

Currently an Assistant Principal at McGuire College, Ms Michalaidis will continue to bring expertise in curriculum and instructional design, and will work across the three campuses to lead and shape the new college’s teaching and learning strategy.