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Latest news

2020 Year 7 - transition day

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 is transition day at all government secondary schools across Victoria. This allows current Year 6 students to spend a day experiencing their new surroundings and meeting their teachers and future classmates before starting Year 7 proper in Term 1, 2020.

In 2020, all Year 7 students in Greater Shepparton will be taught at the McGuire Campus of Greater Shepparton Secondary College.

The McGuire Campus transition day begins at 9am in the school gymnasium.

How to get there

Option 1: Parents or carers may wish to bring their child direct to McGuire College for the 9am transition day start. They can collect their child from McGuire College at 3.25pm.

Option 2: Parents or carers can bring their child to the closest and most convenient secondary school school at either Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College or Mooroopna Secondary College. Each school will have a shuttle bus service to McGuire College, supervised by school staff. Please ensure your child arrives before the shuttle buses depart from each school at 8.35am.

At 3:25pm, these supervised shuttle bus services will return the Year 6 Transition students to each of the secondary schools - Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College or Mooroopna Secondary College.

Option 3: We understand some parents or carers may require public transport for their children to access the shuttle bus service and attend transition day.

Parents and carers who rely on public transport within Shepparton and Mooroopna are asked to plan ahead and use a service that ensures a timely student arrival for the 8:35am school shuttle bus services from Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College or Mooroopna Secondary College - or for the 9am McGuire College start.

For further public transport information, please call providers Dysons Bus Service on (03) 5831 2150 or Jacobsons on (03) 5820 3700.

Option 4: Students outside of the Shepparton-Mooroopna metropolitan area can access the School Bus Program providing they have already applied to use this program. Parents and carers who have applied will receive a letter via Australia Post confirming their bus stop time and location prior to the transition day.

Note: If you live outside the metropolitan area with a child attending Greater Shepparton Secondary College next year, and have not applied for the School Bus Program, you can do so by calling Melissa Kemp, Bus Coordinator - Mooroopna Secondary College, on (03) 5825 2344.

2020 Year 9 - transition day

There is no change to the normal routine for parents, families and carers.

Students arrive as usual at either Shepparton High School, Wanganui Park Secondary College or McGuire College. Each school will have free and supervised shuttle bus services to Mooroopna Secondary College. Please ensure your child arrives before the shuttle buses depart from each school at 8.50am.

At 2:45pm, these supervised shuttle bus services will return students to their schools for their normal pick-up arrangements at the end of the school day.

Note: Students should come prepared as they would for a normal school day. Fruit and sausage sandwiches (halal) will be available to students for morning tea and lunch. 

Greater Shepparton Secondary College asks for all parents and carers wishing to donate any old uniforms items to please drop them off at the main offices of either Wanganui, McGuire or Mooroopna colleges.

The four secondary schools are working together with Red Cross and 2020 VCAL students to design and implement a sustainable re-use program for the old uniforms.

We will post any further updates on the uniforms and uniform packages page.

Greater Shepparton Secondary College students and their parents or carers can find the necessary books, stationery supplies and other school subject requirements in the links below.

These booklists are itemised and costed for particular year levels and subject areas. Please note that Year 7 students attending McGuire Campus in 2020 are being provided with a binder and stationery pack free of charge, as announced by the Minister of Education.

Click on the link below to access the booklist you require:

McGuire Campus booklists

Mooroopna Campus booklists

Wanganui Campus booklists 




Our new logo and valuesGSSCLogo

On Thursday 7 November 2019, the Minister for Education announced Greater Shepparton Secondary College as the official name for the new secondary school in Greater Shepparton.

The new school name was chosen following community consultation.

The new school logo represents the four secondary schools coming together to create an inclusive, nurturing and future-focused environment, out of which emerges a confident and happy student with a world of opportunities in front of them.

It also represents the new set of values for Greater Shepparton Secondary College: Aspiration, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility


Our new uniform

From Term 1 2020, all students at Greater Shepparton Secondary College will wear a new uniform to build their pride in the new school’s identity.

Students can wear summer, winter or a combination of both uniforms throughout the school year. In addition, Year 12 students can choose a bomber jacket and polo top.

The uniform was designed for all our students, and includes a hijab and long skirt options.

A committee of students and parents helped shape the new uniform design, which is formed by a colour palette of teal, charcoal and white, with orange highlights.

Families are being supported with the purchase of new uniforms, with a $200 voucher for each student.

For an artist's impression of the new school uniform, see: Greater Shepparton Secondary College logo and uniform

For more information, see: Uniforms and uniform packages

Are you a Koorie parent or carer? Do you have a child who will going to the college?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, would you like to be involved in the Shepparton Education Plan - Koorie Engagement Group?

We are looking for another Koorie parent representative to be involved in this group.

The role of the Koorie Engagement Group is to:

  • engage with the Koorie community regarding the Shepparton Education Plan
  • to provide advice to the Department of Education and Training for consideration to support effective decision making as part of the Shepparton Education Plan
  • to provide a forum for Koorie Engagement Group members to raise concerns regarding the project, and crontribute to resolution of issues
  • advice regarding curriculum within the secondary school
  • provide advice around Koorie support services and student wellbeing within the new secondary school
  • provide input into the design of the new secondary school

If you would be interested, please contact: Jaqueline Martyn, Acting Koorie Education Manager by phone on 0455 052 686 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Welcome to Term 4. With only a few weeks before the end of the school year, now is an important time to provide you with an update on preparation for the merger of our four existing secondary schools into one.

  pdf Click here for the Update (539 KB)

Greater Shepparton College (interim name) will offer all VCE subjects, a full VCAL program and many VET options.

Next year’s Year 9 students can choose eight out of 81 elective subjects, giving them more flexibility to explore subject areas they are interested in.

Year 9 subject handbooks for 2020 have been distributed to current Year 8 students at McGuire College, Mooroopna Secondary College, Shepparton High School and Wanganui Park Secondary College.

Current Year 8 students and their parents/carers have been invited to attend a one-on-one session with a subject counsellor, who will help guide their child’s Year 9 subject choices for next year. These sessions will be held at each student’s current school on 25 October 2019.

Students will also have access to My Career Portfolio – a new online tool to help Year 9 students plan their education pathways and career goals.

“Our Year 9 curriculum will enable students to explore more subjects and hands-on learning opportunities, with a focus on personal growth and skills development,” Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning Megan Michalaidis said.

“Besides the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Health/Physical Education and Science, students will get to choose subjects that build on their strengths and interests, and support their career goals.”

“All elective subjects have been developed with input from teachers, local employers and industry.”

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the cultures and histories of the Goulburn Murray region’s Indigenous people, through the Kaiela Dhungala First People’s Curriculum.

There will also be a Year 9 Outdoor Adventure Camp at Campaspe Downs (Kyneton, VIC) from 25 to 27 March 2020.

For more information on upcoming transition and orientation activities in November and December 2019, visit our Upcoming Events page, or contact your school.


Please read on for important information about the $200 uniform vouchers for 2020 Greater Shepparton College (interim name) students.

The designs for the new Greater Shepparton College (interim name) have been released.

Shepparton’s four secondary schools merge as of January next year to create the Greater Shepparton Secondary College. I’m the Executive Principal, and I want to keep you updated about how we are preparing for that.

The merger will be staged over two years. We have created a School Council Advisory Group to assist the four existing school councils and school community with that upcoming transition.

  document See our Newsletter for more information (114 KB)